Business Law – What His Clients Say

“I came to the United States seeking Freedom, and the ability to own my own business.  I have used Greg for many years.  I own a small grocery, Oak Street Food Mart, in Old Louisville.  Last year I was cited by the ABC, (Alcohol Beverage Commission) for selling alcohol for consumption on premises.  We sold a guy a beer, inside the store, he walked out, got in his car, and opened it.  To pay the citation would have cost me $1,800.00, just because a guy was drinking a beer he bought and paid for, in my parking lot.  I went to Greg, and I told him I wanted to pay it, and then I was going to move out of state, because the Louisville ABC was operating like the police in a third world nation.  Greg insisted that I stay, and that the charge be fought, and to prove American law was not the same as a third world nation, he took the case for free.  We lost at the initial hearing.  Greg explained to me that the administrative law judge was employed by the ABC, so he was their man.  Greg appealed to the state ABC, who, after a hearing, totally reversed the charges.  I have faith again in American Justice.  If you are in business, and you need a good lawyer, I recommend Greg”  F.S., Oak Street Food Mart.  8/30/2017.

“I began using Greg as my lawyer almost twenty years ago and I think we have been through every possible case. Most recently Greg successfully led my construction company business to victory in a business dispute, with a settlement in our favor of $75,000. Greg has represented my businesses in business litigation with other businesses, and with administrative issues with OSHA, Inspections Permits and Licenses. But he is not just a business lawyer, and over years Greg has represented myself, my family, and a number of referrals in criminal issues, personal injury issues, and family court matters. It is good to know that when I need and attorney Greg is going to pick up the phone when I make the call.” P.T.

Each case is unique, and the result is unique to each case.