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 “I came to the United States seeking Freedom, and the ability to own my own business.  I have used Greg for many years.  I own a small grocery, Oak Street Food Mart, in Old Louisville.  Last year I was cited by the ABC, (Alcohol Beverage Commission) for selling alcohol for consumption on premises.  We sold a guy a beer, inside the store, he walked out, got in his car, and opened it.  To pay the citation would have cost me $1,800.00, just because a guy was drinking a beer he bought and paid for, in my parking lot.  I went to Greg, and I told him I wanted to pay it, and then I was going to move out of state, because the Louisville ABC was operating like the police in a third world nation.  Greg insisted that I stay, and that the charge be fought, and to prove American law was not the same as a third world nation, he took the case for free.  We lost at the initial hearing.  Greg explained to me that the administrative law judge was employed by the ABC, so he was their man.  Greg appealed to the state ABC, who, after a hearing, totally reversed the charges.  I have faith again in American Justice.  If you are in business, and you need a good lawyer, I recommend Greg”  F.S., Oak Street Food Mart.  8/30/2017.

“Almost 20 years ago my partner and I walked into Greg’s office to discuss a business plan for a new way of doing our business. Since that time I have made millions of dollars in the business and Greg has represented myself and my businesses many times in many states in business creation, business negotiation, the buying and selling of businesses, business regulation disputes, business licensure issues, contracts of all kinds, partnership creations, partnership dissolution, and business litigations. I of course have used Greg in my personal legal matters and have referred a number of clients to him in all areas including other businesses as well as people with criminal or family court matters. I recommend him.” B.D.

“My name is Dima.  I own and operate a restaurant and bar in Old Louisville.  I purchased the business before getting my ABC license.  I had the business ready to open, but the ABC license process had dragged on way beyond when I wanted to start selling drinks.  I went to Greg and, very shortly, he got my license for me.  If you have any ABC license issues, including citations, I recommend you call Greg.”  10/5/16


“Another Louisville Alcohol Beverage Control License holder recommended using Greg in the application process.  I could have, probably, done it myself, but Greg has worked, successfully, on a number of license applications, so we chose to use him.  He obtained the license, which freed up a lot of time for us to do other things in the transition.  The license application is a process, not an event, and is fairly time consuming.  Having Greg do it was worth the money, to allow me to focus on getting the new business up and running.  Blue Lick Liquors.”  11/3/16

“I began using Greg as my lawyer almost twenty years ago and I think we have been through every possible case. Most recently Greg successfully led my construction company business to victory in a business dispute, with a judgment in our favor of $75,000. Greg has represented my businesses in business litigation with other businesses, and with administrative issues with OSHA, Inspections Permits and Licenses. But he is not just a business lawyer, and over years Greg has represented myself, my family, and a number of referrals in criminal issues, personal injury issues, and family court matters. It is good to know that when I need and attorney Greg is going to pick up the phone when I make the call.” P.T.

“I operate a business appraisal business. Greg represented a company in the de-construction business in a dispute with their land lord. As a result of that a suit was filed resulting in a judgment I understand his client was very satisfied with. During the suit I was retained to perform a business appraisal, which Greg used very effectively against the other side. Greg knows how to obtain and effectively use business appraisals and can identify when one is helpful or not.” B.N.


“I first met Greg over a decade ago.  I was being sexually harassed on the job.  Greg gave me good advice and my ex employer gave me $20,000.  Since that time I have used Greg for nearly all of my legal needs.  Once I was charged with a felony I did not commit.  Greg got that dismissed and expunged, and I have utilized him as a business attorney many times, for general advice, contract creation, collections, and business litigation.  He is a good litigator, and I recommend him.” H.R.

“As a contractor, we have to deal with contracts, clients, and regulations on a regular basis. We have used Greg as a lawyer for a number of issues,not only in business law, and we are very pleased with his services.  He is a good lawyer and we recommend him.”  Doiron Professional Remodeling.

“I had a dispute with a business I was involved in. I went to Greg; his advice was good.  He researched the facts and produced a resolution I was very satisfied with.  I recommend Greg for all your business law needs.” Andrew Jones, PhD.

 “I am the owner and operator of JT’s Variety Club on Preston Highway in Louisville. We are a night club and often have live shows. We were recently cited for ‘Disorderly Premises’ arising from a disagreement among patrons during a live show. Initially the ABC wanted $1000. Greg took the case for us, and the ABC offered to drop the fine if we would just plead guilty to the charge. But, that would have been a ‘first offense.’ We said ‘no’, Greg tried the case and won, and the case was dismissed. I recommend Greg for all your business and licensing related legal needs.” Mr. Tino

“I have used Greg, for at least 11 years, for all my legal advice regarding the operation of my tavern, the Smyrna Inn. This included business and legal advice, Alcohol-Beverage-Control issues, and representation before the ABC, in-court business disputes, etc. If you are an ABC license holder, I recommend him.” Joe Thompson

“I was employed as a manager at a major bank in Louisville. I was terminated on the basis that I violated an internal policy that was seldom enforced and routinely violated. I sought unemployment benefits, the bank objected, and I was initially denied. I retained Greg, who appealed, got a hearing, and within a few days got my unemployment benefits for me. If you have an employment issue, I recommend Greg.” B.K.

“I own and operate a convenience store in downtown Louisville.  I am an honest businessman who has never been in trouble. On March 14, 2011 my life changed when the LMPD raided my store and claimed it found hundreds of stolen items. To the best of my knowledge we never had anything stolen in the store, ever. My nightmare grew when I was indicted on two counts of Criminal Syndication, under Kentucky’s Organized Crime statute. I was looking at the possibility of 20 years in jail.  Friends and business associates recommended Greg. I went to him, hired him, and watched him fight the case hard over the next two years, filing in excess of 20 motions for me.  On May 23, 2013, the charges against me were dismissed. If you are in trouble and need a good lawyer, I recommend Greg.  He WILL fight for you.”  F.S.

“I am the owner and operator of Lories Liquors and Jay Z Liquors. I have used Greg as my attorney since 2006, and Greg represented the previous owners of Lories Liquors. Greg has represented our businesses in various matters, including work before the ABC. He is always there if we need to run any legal issue by him, and I refer people to him for all types of legal issues, not just administrative law matters. If you are the holder of a liquor license and have issues with the ABC, or any other business matters, I recommend Greg as your attorney.” O. G.

“Greg represented a Limited Liability Company, a business, in downtown Louisville.  The owners had been sued over a dispute about ownership in the business and the value of the business.  Greg recommended his clients hire Rodefer Moss & Co., PLLC, Certified Public Accountants and experts in business evaluations. The clients took his advice, I testified on their behalf, and the result was something the clients considered a major victory.  Greg’s knowledge of the ins and outs of LLC’s as well as how to use business valuation to his clients’ advantage make him a good choice for business owners who need the assistance of an attorney in a business dispute.”   Richard N. Robinson, Rodefer Moss & Co.   My Wife and I are small business owners, we own a small tavern in downtown Louisville.  This was our first venture into owning a business and while we tried to do everything correctly from its inception, the legal team we had initially did not have the level of experience in business that we needed.  We were referred to Greg Butrum through an acquaintance at a time when we had several active cases going and our previous attorney had left us.  I consider myself a neophyte at business law, I have never been a law student and most of what I know came from the few classes I took during grad school and what you see in popular media like movies and television. During my first meeting with Mr. Butrum I was a nervous mess, I had mediations and trials scheduled and no legal representation, and felt I was easy prey for the respective attorneys. I felt as though they were preparing to deliver a death blow.  Hiring Greg Butrum put my mind at ease.   I remember his statement to me during our first meeting to the effect of “Don’t worry.  You have paid me to worry for you.  It’s my job to worry about these things now, don’t worry about anything unless I tell you to”.   And that is just what I did.   I put my trust in Greg Butrum and he fought tooth and nail for us.  Mr. Butrum’s experience in business law was exactly what we needed in order to prevail with our various litigations, some of which were very complex and all of which dragged on for over a year, some of them two.  Greg always remained in contact with us, usually by email, keeping us informed about how our cases were progressing and of any additional requirements needed from us.  His fee was very reasonable, for our initial three cases we were charged a flat fee, considering the hours and work involved I think we got off very easy.  Our cases had various outcomes, one won by attrition, one settled for a fraction of what they sought, and one jury trial with the outcome in our favor.   I would have to score all of them as a win.  Greg’s performance during mediations and subsequent court trials was outstanding, he countered every point brought by the other side and gave them nothing. He went to trial fully prepared, and when the jury verdict came down we took him out for Champagne at St. Charles Exchange, and celebrated the victory.  There are very few people in this world that I trust and even fewer that I have confidence in.   Greg Butrum through his dedication, tenacity, work ethic and abilities has earned my special trust and confidence and my highest recommendation.

Ricardo Barcenas & Jennifer Frost.  July 2, 2015.

Members, Lady Slings the Booze, LLC, owner of Third Street Dive

Each case is unique, and the result is unique to each case.