Criminal Defense – What His Clients Say

In mid 2016, I was charged with two counts of Arson; Arson 3rd and Arson 2nd.  These charges carried a potential 25 years of time in the penitentiary.  I was only 21 at the time.  I had walked out of a bar on Baxter, and, for reasons I do not understand myself, broke into two cars and set them on fire.  I was drunk, and I was young.  Worse, it was all caught on video.  Even worse, I lost my wallet at the crime scene, meaning when the fire department and police showed up, they had my license.  I was toast, clearly guilty.  My great aunt advised me to call a long time prosecutor.  I did.  He said two words:  Greg Butrum.  I called Greg.  In February, 2017, with Greg’s guidance, I entered a diversion agreement with the Commonwealth, which means that, if I stay good for five years, the case against me will be dismissed, and the charges may be expunged.  If you are in trouble, I say two words:  Greg Butrum.  He made staying free possible for me.  David B.  2-3-17.

“Our son was charged with a serious felony arising from a fight that got out of control at a party. He had pulled a knife to defend his girlfriend and her sister, and another young man had ended up being cut.  We went to Greg who researched the case and determined our son was justified in his actions under a theory of self defense.  Greg negotiated a diversion of the charges, which will ultimately lead to a dismissal.  I recommend him.” O.A.


Each case is unique, and the result is unique to each case.