Criminal Defense

7/30/2015.  “Greg was retained to represent a man charged with a serious gun crime.

asked me to do a ballistics analysis, which I did.

Greg knows the
importance of retaining the right expert for the case.”  Richard Ernest, Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc.

 In mid 2016, I was charged with two counts of Arson; Arson 3rd and Arson 2nd.  These charges carried a potential 25 years of time in the penitentiary.  I was only 21 at the time.  I had walked out of a bar on Baxter, and, for reasons I do not understand myself, broke into two cars and set them on fire.  I was drunk, and I was young.  Worse, it was all caught on video.  Even worse, I lost my wallet at the crime scene, meaning when the fire department and police showed up, they had my license.  I was toast, clearly guilty.  My great aunt advised me to call a long time prosecutor.  I did.  He said two words:  Greg Butrum.  I called Greg.  In February, 2017, with Greg’s guidance, I entered a diversion agreement with the Commonwealth, which means that, if I stay good for five years, the case against me will be dismissed, and the charges may be expunged.  If you are in trouble, I say two words:  Greg Butrum.  He made staying free possible for me.  David B.  2-3-17.

“I was in trouble.  In October, 2014, I stood charged with very serious crimes.  My parents retained Greg to represent me.  I was charged with Assault, 2nd Degree, which carried a maximum sentence of 10 years, and, being considered a “violent felony” meant that if I went to the penitentiary for the maximum I would serve at least 8 and 1/2 years.  I was charged with Sexual Abuse, 1st Degree, which carried a 5 year sentence, and if convicted I would have been placed on Kentucky’s sexual offender registry.  I also would have had to attend and complete the sexual offender treatment program, meaning if I had gone to the pen I would have had to serve at least four years.  I was also charged with Wanton Endangerment, 1st Degree, which carried a potential of five years, and I was charged with three misdemeanors, each carrying a potential of 1 years.  Greg hired Kentucky Special Investigative Unit for me, and eventually negotiated a plea to three misdemeanors, I got credit for time served and walked out of jail.  If you have a serious criminal problem, get serious criminal defense.  I recommend Greg.”  H.J.

“Our son was charged with a serious felony arising from a fight that got out of control at a party. He had pulled a knife to defend his girlfriend and her sister, and another young man had ended up being cut.  We went to Greg who researched the case and determined our son was justified in his actions under a theory of self defense.  Greg negotiated a diversion of the charges, which will ultimately lead to a dismissal.  I recommend him.” O.A.

“In 2014, in Bullitt County, our marriage was on the rocks.  I did not know how bad it could get.  My wife filed a domestic violence petition against me, and filed three criminal warrants against me, two misdemeanors, one a serious felony.  Based on the recommendation of a good friend who had used Greg for years, I picked him as my attorney.  He got the DVO dismissed, and got diversions on the criminal charges.  If you need an attorney, I recommend Greg.  V.J.”  8/13/2015.

“I am a doctor and a professor at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. I have studied and written extensively on eye witness identification. I was retained a few years ago by Greg who was defending a man for a serious crime. The man denied committing the crime and the eyewitness identification of the man was shaky. I was able to review the identification, determine it was improper, determine the LMPD’s identification techniques at the time were improper, and Greg was able to use this to obtain a good deal for the client. Greg knows how to utilized eye witness expert testimony, and I recommend him as an attorney.” N.J.

“Greg was representing a man in a very serious matter in federal court. He retained our firm to conduct a forensic examination of the man’s computer and internet use, and ultimately, he called me to testify in the federal trial. We were allowed to go live on the Internet in front of the jury to explain things such as how it is impossible to enter certain Yahoo chat rooms unless one states one is 18 or older, and how once in certain chat rooms, one is bombarded by “bots”, companies posing as fictional persons soliciting credit cards, etc. Greg knows when a forensic Internet and computer expert are needed and knows how to use them. He is a good attorney and I recommend him.” A.C. Forensics.

“Greg was representing a man charged with murder.  I was a scientist with Orchid Cellmark at the time and Greg retained us to look over the DNA evidence and educate him on the subject. Greg was able to use the DNA information we gave him to cross examine the state’s DNA expert, to the point of having her admit that unidentified DNA found at the crime scene could have belonged to the real killer.  Greg knows the importance of retaining good DNA experts, and knows how to use them.” W.W., Ph.D., Forensic Consultant.

“I am a neuropsychologist.  I have known Greg for years and Greg has consulted me on behalf of a number of his clients.  In certain cases it is necessary to determine whether a client is competent, whether they have mental and brain functioning issues.  Sometimes, for instance in cases involving potential brain damage claims, it is necessary to determine if the client has brain damage, if so, exactly what, how it may have happened, and how that will affect them.  Greg knows when it is necessary to obtain the expertise of a neuropsychologist, and knows how to use them.”  Louisville Neuropsychology.

“Greg represented a man in a serious crime.  He needed help understanding the DNA, and he retained our company for a consultation.  Upon consultation serious issues as to the quality of the DNA against Greg’s client became apparent, and Greg was able to use this information to aid his client in obtaining a favorable plea negotiation.  Greg knows the importance of hiring the right experts for the job, and how to use them once they are hired.” Sorenson Forensics.

“It was embarrassing.  I got into something I should not have and was charged with a crime. I had no record and I had a reputation and family to protect.  A lawyer recommended Greg; that is a pretty good recommendation.  He handled the matter perfectly, getting the charge dismissed then later expunged.  Later, when I was in a car accident, he helped me with that too. I recommend him.”  J.P.

“I am a private investigator.  I was hired by Greg on behalf of a client who was charged with serious violent felony offenses that had the possibility of putting him in the penitentiary for decades. Greg knows how to utilize private investigators, and by utilizing my services he got the client a great deal resulting in a satisfactory plea agreement that cut decades off his potential sentence.” O.M.

“In 2010 I was pulled over in Franklin County and charged with Speeding; No License, No Registration, Operating on a Revoked License, Failure to Surrender a Revoked License, and No Insurance 2nd Offense. I then missed court twice and was charged with Contempt of Court X 2.  In 2012, I was arrested on the outstanding bench warrant from Franklin County while driving in Fayette County, where I was charged with No Plates and Failure to Maintain Insurance 2nd Offense.  The Failure to Maintain Insurance 2nd Offense carried a possible 180 days in jail and a $2,500 fine, and with the two contempt charges, I was looking at the nightmare scenario of going to jail for a year and losing my job and family.  I hired Greg and he went to work immediately, with the result that most of the charges were dismissed, I served no time, and paid only a $208.00 fine.  He is a good attorney and I recommend him.”  W.S.

“I was riding my bike in Bullitt County when a dog came out of nowhere. The dog attacked me and took a piece out of me about the size of a quarter. I called 911. The police came, a police report was created, and Animal Control came and filed a report too. The dog was quarantined. The police officer told me to file a complaint with the Bullitt County Attorney, which I did. To my surprise and consternation, the owner of the dog also went to the Bullitt County Attorney and claimed I had hurt the dog and had trespassed on her property, neither of which were true, but as a result of which I found myself as a Defendant named in a criminal case for cruelty to animals and trespassing. Greg took my case. He filed a motion for a bill of particulars that revealed glaring faults in the case against me, took the case to jury trial, subpoenaed the police officer, the Animal Control Officers, the police report, Animal Control Report, dog impound report, and notes from the 911 call.  I won the case outright. The jury found me not guilty on all counts. If you need an attorney to put on a criminal defense, whether you are guilty or not, Greg is your go-to guy.”  Joe K.

“I was charged with a serious felony in Louisville, Kentucky.  At the time I was already on felony probation.  They added a persistent felony charge on top of it.  I was looking at 14 years in the penitentiary.  Greg took my case and over 11 months fought hard for me.  I received probation, PFO dismissed.  If you are in trouble, trust Greg with your case.” W.G.

I have known Greg for about 15 years.  I first retained him to represent me in a business dispute.  When I realized how decent and fair Greg is, as a person and an attorney, I decided to hire him for every case that I might have.  So, when I had a bit of trouble recently, Greg was the only attorney I considered calling.  A couple of years ago ATF and LMPD officers came to my business to ask me about a gun I had recently purchased.  I was very open and cooperative with them and admitted I had purchased a gun.  They asked me if I had any more and I told them yes, two others.  I gave them the guns.  They advised me it was a crime for me to have a gun do to an old conviction.  Further, when they ran the guns one came back as stolen.  I had no idea the gun was stolen or that I was a person prohibited from possessing a gun under 18 USC 922.  I was charged immediately with receiving stolen property, a felony, in state court, and I called Greg.  It took a couple of times to court but, with Greg’s help, the RSP was dismissed.  Almost two years passed when I was indicted in federal court.  I retained Greg again.  He he was worried, but he told me not to, to let him work the case.  After about 5 months Greg sat me down and told me he did not see a way out, and recommended I plead guilty. The charge carried up to 10 years in jail and under the sentencing guidelines a minimum of 37 months to serve, and under the guidelines was not probatable.  I have businesses, a wonderful wife, and two children under the age of 10.  Going to the pen would have devastated my life.  The United States would not agree to probation, but did agree Greg could argue for a downward departure or variance or both.  Greg put together an excellent sentencing memorandum and called 8 witnesses at my sentencing hearing, and the judge kindly gave me 3 years probated, meaning I could keep my life.  Greg always treated me and my family as his own family, and never gave me any false hopes.  He always prepared me for what was coming and never missed a detail small or big in preparing for my case.  I have recommended Greg and will always recommend him to any friend or family member who might need legal help.  B.N. 7/13/2015.

Each case is unique, and the result is unique to each case.