Family Law – What His Clients Say

“We were screwed. We had lost the case, game over. Our grandmother had passed, and we believed 1/2 of the farm belonged to us. The farm was valuable. But the other half of the family thought it was all theirs. A will contest ensued. We hired a local attorney out of Bullitt County believing he would have more luck than an out-of-towner. But the trial court awarded the judgement to the other side of the family. We went to Greg immediately. He filed a lengthy brief with the trial court, then filed an appeal and fought it all the way to the Kentucky Supreme Court. We got the case reversed, we got our 1/2 of the farm, and Greg negotiated a sale of the property, putting a check for $360,000 in our hands. He did not give up, he fought hard, he is a good attorney, and I recommend him.” S.S.

 Each case is unique, and the result is unique to each case.