Family Law

“We were screwed. We had lost the case, game over. Our grandmother had passed, and we believed 1/2 of the farm belonged to us. The farm was valuable. But the other half of the family thought it was all theirs. A will contest ensued. We hired a local attorney out of Bullitt County believing he would have more luck than an out-of-towner. But the trial court awarded the judgement to the other side of the family. We went to Greg immediately. He filed a lengthy brief with the trial court, then filed an appeal and fought it all the way to the Kentucky Supreme Court. We got the case reversed, we got our 1/2 of the farm, and Greg negotiated a sale of the property, putting a check for $360,000 in our hands. He did not give up, he fought hard, he is a good attorney, and I recommend him.” S.S.

“I have utilized Greg’s attorney services for years. For the most part I have consulted him on business matters, but I have called upon him to assist with all other personal legal matters, including traffic tickets and family court, and I recommend him to anyone with any legal problem. Greg is always there for the client, to give support and lend an ear. When I give the problem to Greg I let him do the worrying and that way I don’t have to. I highly recommend him.” H.J.

“I first met Greg almost 20 years when were both young public defenders. He was good then, and better now. Recently, when I had my own legal problems, Greg was my go to guy and he got the job done, getting me a five figure settlement. If you need a good attorney, he is the guy to go to.” D.L.

“I had been married for 11 years. I was 34 years old and my husband and I had one child. In the last few years my husband became more and more verbally abusive, and in the months prior to our split he became physically abusive. In the weeks prior to our split he physically attacked me, choked me, and said he was going to shoot me in the face. I filed an EPO and called Greg. Greg took my case without demanding money in advance, and even advanced the filing fee for the divorce for me.  He represented me in the DVO and got a protective order, and at the first hearing in the divorce got the judge to order my husband to pay my attorney fees to Greg.  If you are in a bad situation and need a good lawyer, I recommend Greg.”  C.B.

 “I was in a marriage that just was not working.  We had three kids together,one of them with special needs, and I needed a divorce to go through as smoothly and painlessly as possible for the kids’ sake.  I had a number of friends and acquaintances recommend Greg, they had used him before with great results.  I retained him. Though my soon to be ex wife was not especially helpful, Greg obtained a divorce for me as smoothly and painlessly as I could have imagined, I pay no child support and I have 50/50 with my kids. Though an unhappy situation, Greg’s representation made it bearable.  He is a good attorney, and I recommend him.”  R.L.

“I had been divorced for 5 years and 7 months. I am an avid jogger here in Louisville. I was running on Barrett Avenue when I saw my ex-wife, who was driving. She said something, I kept going, and that was it. A few days later I got served with an Emergency Protective Order. It was full of misinformation; stuff that just never happened. The Sheriff’s office took my guns and the matter was set for a Domestic Violence Order. I know a prosecutor, so I called and asked for a referral. They dropped Greg’s name. I went to him, hired him, and he took the matter to a hearing. The judge dismissed the case. If you are on the receiving end of an EPO/DVO petition, I recommend Greg. He did a solid job for me.” Richard “Bogie” Johnson

“I was out late one night, had a few drinks, and ended up bringing a woman home. Things got weird, I asked her to leave, and she left mad. I never harmed her in any way or threatened to. Two days later I was served an Emergency Protective Order. Almost everything the woman wrote in the petition was a lie. On advice of my dad I contacted Greg. We had the hearing, Greg cross-examined the woman, called witnesses, and at the end the judge ruled in my favor. If you have been charged with domestic violence Greg can help.”  H.J.


Each case is unique, and the result is unique to each case.